Art Fair PH '15

The Art Fair was one of the best events I've ever been to! It featured the best contemporary art works of Filipinos artists, involved various known museums and galleries in the country which I believe chose the best works in their promenades then exhibited them there. I was so fueled with inspiration that I don’t think doubting my future from pursuing art will ever happen again. I could be a starving artist but que sera sera, Art is beautiful and it’s worth the strive.

Let me share with you some of my favorite pieces. There’s actually a lot and choosing a few feels like cheating on another. But just for the sake of writing this entry, I will trim the list down to ten. This is in no particular order.

1. Let’s Talk About Art by Geraldine Javier
This required the participation of the audience. It featured embroidered dolls of the gallery owners with fabric thought bubbles about art and visitors were given a chance to respond to it or write their own definition of Art.

2. Lollipop by Kaloy Sanchez
If you have seen the other works of Kaloy Sanchez, you’d get more context about the honesty and nakedness that goes with this image. It is one of the few pieces in the art fair that had me glued to it. It was said that Sanchez used his tattoos to leaves his imprints on his works.

3. Evening Dress by Iya Consorio
These ‘eye’-catching pieces were hidden inside a dark booth. Once you’re in, you’re captured!

4. Biblical Violence by Ian Fabro
Beautifully made with intricate details and images yet very powerful and fearless message. You can spend your whole day pass for this but still not be able to wrap your head around it. Simply awesome!

5. White by Mark Aran Reyes
White examines the role of emptiness as an essential element of the whole. What seems like a lacking of detail in the picture is actually a piece of wholly in itself. 

6. The Horror of Relations by Patrick D. Flores
I admire Patrick D. Flores’ courage to depict in his art images and concepts that are considered as taboos by most of us – issues less talked about, stories that are not discussed at the dinner table but are happening. His work has been described as obsessional and gruesome, draws on his interests in psychology and memory.

7. Curiouser and curiouser: A Dose of Wonderland by Daniel dela Cruz
Daniel dela Cruz' Alice in Wonderland pieces were definitely a favorite. He gave justice to a beautiful well-written book and it reminds me of the fashion show we did back in College.

8. Aninag by Alfredo Esquillo
GREAT CONCEPT! Wow, just wow!

9. Manufacturer’s Advice: Content May Vary by Various Artists of Tin-Aw Art Gallery
Derivative of Piero Manzoni’s Artist’s Shit (1961), but still a compelling show from Tin-aw Gallery. Truth and ugly about the Philippines and the art world.

10.  Birthing by Luis "Junyee" Yee, Jr.
Junyee’s work always send shivers down the spine. 

So I guess seeing art will never be ‘too much’ or enough. I’m very glad I did go and I definitely will come back next year.