I'd like to share this piece of writing. Something to remind my stubborn self.

Never settle for someone who treats you like a backup plan. Someone who puts you second instead of making you a first priority.
Never settle for someone who picks and chooses when to answer your texts. Someone who makes you wait for a reply.
Never settle for someone who tells you how much you mean to them, but never proves it. Someone who says all of the right things, but never does the right things.
You should never be treated like a second choice. You should never be a part of the background. An afterthought.
You should be the first and only person they think about when they wake up in the morning. You should be the person they can’t wait to see, the person they’re eager to text back.
Wait for someone who shows up on time. Someone who follows through on their promises.
Wait for someone who calls you up to deliver good news, because you’re the first person they thought of telling. Someone who makes an effort to include you in their life.
Wait for someone who has an actual interest in what you have to say, not someone who wants you to be quiet so they can talk about their day. Not someone who is secretly thinking about other things while you speak.
Wait for someone who makes it clear they care about you, that they’re willing to commit to you. Someone who lets their friends, their parents, and their Facebook friends know that you are their person, forever and always.
Please, never settle for someone who puts you second, because you deserve to be a first priority.

Words: @hollyyrio