Tonight, I will think about you. Your face, your smile, your voice. How you say "I love you baby", "I miss you my love", "cuddle me", "dream of us", "see you in our dreams". The first time I told you I love you over the phone and you made me repeat it twice and I did and it felt so good knowing you feel the same. I will think about how you used to tell me about your mom, sadie, your friends, your day, your work. I will think about the "salad" that you love so much, your love for whiskey and wine. Our favorite tv shows, movies and how much you hate clowns. The places that we want to visit. How you call Drake your "homeboy" whenever I teased you about him. And the day you introduced The Weeknd to me. I instantly fell inlove with his voice like I fell inlove with you. I will think about the days that I feel extremely sad because the distance is just killing me and you'll say something like "Baby, don't cry. It's gonna be okay." I will think about how much you make feel love, happy and contented. I will think about the times when distance was the least of our problems. When I have so much hope for us. I will think about our dirty jokes, our inside jokes. Our imaginary 9 1/2 fur babies, our croga. I will think about how all of that changed gradually and then suddenly. I still love you so much but tonight I will love you in silence.